Pivot Power™ is a series of nine power strips that bend into circular semi-circular, and zig-zag shapes to fit around furniture and in tight spaces. The products are not only able to fit into any space, they can also accommodate any and every plug at once thanks to pivoting outlets!


At home? At the office? On the go? Using industrial power tools? The Pivot Power™ series has you covered everywhere and is able to meet every user’s need. Whether you need to connect a wide range of bulky plugs, hook up media equipment for business, or control your power strip through your mobile phone when not in the building, there is a Pivot Power™ that can do it.


The Pivot Power™ series modern design is as attractive as it is clever. The range offers sleek elegance and vibrant hues to both physically and aesthetically conform to any kind of space. Our design community continues to innovate on this patented product line, providing a pipeline of innovation available for select licensing and distribution partners.

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Empowering the Future

Pivot Power™ products were originally developed in 2009 and have been so successful that new products have been launched every year since to meet the full spectrum of user needs.

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